November 2021 Minutes

Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club

Board of Directors Meeting

November 9, 2021

President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Board Members Present: Jon Barnes, Jay Wilson, Sam Barta, Paula Woodard, Bill Campbell, Ryan Campbell, Larry Cooper, Nich McVay and Roger Amburn.

Board Members Absent: Mark Conway, and Mary Kay Peters

Other Members Present: Roland Lynch, Joanne & Tom Tews and Marcy Lucas

Minutes for the Board Meeting of October 12, 2021 was reviewed. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the minutes with Nich McVay second. All present in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Sam Barta, Treasurer, provided the accountability statement for the period ending October 31, 2021. He reported income of and expense amunts for that month. This report is as of the fiscal year end. Sam has calculated that the normal annual expenses will take about 70% of the renewal figures next year. Sam asked about upcoming projects and was told possibly the upstairs air conditioner replacement, more picnic tables and an extension of the boat dock area. Jon Barnes asked how we can budget for these items and Sam said he will create a cash flow forecast report to help budget for them.

The Total Cash and Investments was also noted. Larry Cooper requested that the figures of the Edward Jones account be shown separately on the financial report to see what the difference is between the prior month and the existing month. As usual, a copy of this report shall be put on the bulletin board in the dining room. Larry Cooper made motion to accept the Treasurer Report with Bill Campbell second. All present in favor.

Presentation of Vouchers: Sam Barta presented the September and October vouchers for approval. Larry Cooper made motion to accept the vouchers with Ryan Campbell second. All present in favor.

Approval of New Members: The following two (2) new members were reviewed for approval. We welcome new members: Jim & Bambi Heckerman and Dakota Smith. There is another new application pending for a Barbara Allen, but her payment did not arrive via credit card with the application. We are contacting her for payment prior to board approval.

With the 2 new members noted above and the deleted unpaid members, the current total membership is 680. As noted in a prior meeting, the wording on our website has been changed to let potential new members know that we have room and their applications are welcome at this time. It was noted that Paula Woodard needs to create a list of the Lifetime Members to be sure it is updated. Motion was made by Bill Campbell to accept approval of the new members, with Larry Cooper second. All present in favor.


Building: Provided by Warden Nich McVay:

1. Upstairs Screen Window – Nich thanked Bill Campbell, Tom Tews, Keith Boehm and Chris White who fixed the screen window in the upstairs porch.

2. Smoke Alarm – Bill Campbell changed the battery in the upstairs kitchen smoke alarm.

3. Outside Handrail – Jay Wilson noted that he had replaced the outside entrance handrail.

4. Dining Room Rail – Nich fixed a small portion of wooden railing in the dining room that Paula Woodard accidentally pulled out.

5. Gutter & Vinyl – Bill Campbell said we still need a quote to fix a gutter and paint the vinyl ceiling on the back porch entryway.

6. Wash Outside of Building – Larry Cooper noted that people have made comments of the bugs stuck to the outside of the building. It was discussed that we would power wash it down.

7. Wax & Buff Floors – The cleaning staff were unable to wax and buff the floors when originally scheduled because of club functions being held. Roger Amburn will contact them to obtain a date to get this done.

8. Cleaning of doors and woodwork in downstairs – Larry Cooper noted that the woodwork seems really dirty. Bill Campbell suggested that a group of volunteers could wipe down the inner doors and woodwork on the walls.

9. Zita Clean Contract – The annual contract is coming up per Nich McVay. Paula will prepare it for approval and signatures as it is due January 2022.

Boats & Docks: Per Warden Bill Campbell:

1. Dock Bubblers – Bill thanked Tom Tews, Larry Campbell and Gavin Campbell who helped to attach the dock bubblers for the winter season to protect the docks.

2. Watercraft Stored – Bill noted that the paddle boards and kayaks have been stored in the downstairs oar room for the winter. The paddle boats will be stored under the picnic area awning.

3. Boat Dock – Bill noted that we need to budget for an extension of the boat dock another 20 ft. for a total of 80 ft. He believes this will help with the ramp boat traffic during heavy boating days. The width will remain the same. Bad boards will be replaced at this time. He intends to do this during the winter so it will be ready before boating season in 2022. Bill will obtain a quote for the necessary supplies. Paula Woodard will provide him with a list of members who stated on their applications they are willing to help with dock repair.

Grounds: Provided by Warden Larry Cooper:

1. Parking Lot Lights – Larry noted that a couple lights in the parking lot are not working. He has someone who will take care of this.

2. Dead Tree Branch – One of the branches in a tree has died. Larry said this was cut out.

3. Martin House – Larry noted that the current martin house needs to be replaced. We had a difficult time finding one last year, and he is looking again now. It was decided we need to purchase one made of aluminum.

4. Snow Removal – Larry noted that Tim Lustgraaf will do the snow removal for the club again this year. Tim asked permission to replace the handicap signs with new posts that will be the proper height for when they are snow plowing. Permission was granted, and the club thanks Tim for all his work.

5. Benco Contract – Bill Campbell noted the annual contract for leasing the next door property is coming due. Paula Woodard will prepare the January 2022 contract for approval and signatures.

Nich McVay made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Ryan Campbell second, and all present in favor.


  1. Annual Halloween Party – Because of the rainy weather, this event was held in the upstairs banquet room. We did not get the word out to our members that we would be dong this, so unfortunately we only had about 20 children. But those 20 cashed in big time on the candy, and they seemed to have a fabulous time in the new Kids Playroom. Next year we will be sure that it is noted the event will be held inside if the weather is bad. We want to thank the members who did make it and were generous with their candy and other items. Also, Hoppykidz canceled the bounce house because of the weather. Barb Cooper arranged for the deposit to be applied against the 2022 Halloween Party.

  1. Annual October 2021 Annual Board Meeting Oct 21, 2021 – We had 13 members attend the annual board meeting along with the 11 board members. This year Bruce Petersen and Julie Bowen both stepped down from the board. The new board members are Ryan Campbell and Mark Conway. A copy of the minutes for this annual meeting is available on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.

  1. Annual Christmas Party, Dec 23, 2021 3:00 – 5:00 PM – It has been confirmed that Kari Feeken will again host the Annual Christmas Party for the club. Santa will arrive at 4:00 pm to take the childrens gift requests and to hand out candy canes. Bill Campbell made a motion to donate $100 to Kari for hosting the event and Larry Cooper second. All present in favor. There will be games and treats for the kids entertainment.

  1. First Aid Training Class – It was determined that this event will be held in January because of the upcoming holidays. Jay Wilson confirmed that a date has not been chosen yet for this class. It was decided the class would be held during the week, and for basic first aid. An email blast will be sent out, and it will be noted on our website and Face Book notifying members of the class once a date has been confirmed.

  1. Paddle Boats – Sam Barta noted that he will be going to pick up the paddle boats next week. Bill Campbell volunteered to help.

  1. Annual Soup Supper – The soup supper was a huge success with over 60 members attending. Larry Cooper thanked the ladies and gentleman that provided the delicious soups and desserts. There were 12 different soups available and several desserts. Our members were very generous with their donations, which totaled $357.00. It was noted that there was confusion of the time it was being held. We were told Face Book showed one time and the website (which was corrected) showed a different one. We will be careful of this situation for future events. We are grateful to the members and board who helped set up and clean up afterwards. This was a tremendous help.


  1. Kitchen Hours – Courtney Merk has provided the days the kitchen will be closed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This will be noted on the website, paper signs will be put up in the building and we will send out email blasts. The extra dates she is closed are from vacation days she has earned this year.

  1. Kitchen Contract – The annual contract with Jabour’s Café is coming up. Paula Woodard, secretary, has prepared it for approval and signatures. A copy was provided to Nich McVay, Jon Barnes and Courtney Merk to look over prior to their meeting.

  1. Caretaker Annual Contract – The annual contact between the club’s caretaker and the club is prepared and ready for approval and signatures.

GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):

1. Roland Lynch noted the club used to put glass covers over the screened porch windows to enable members to still use the porch for overflow of the dining room during cold months. He stated they were stored in the basement. He also felt this would help with heating charges to the club. Bill Campbell explained the covers don’t exist anymore. Jon Barnes explained that we have the upstairs area for any overflow from the dining room, and that the current doors help keep the cold out and control electric charges. Jon thanked Roland for the suggestion.

2. Todd McCarty has suggested that the club bring in a food truck to serve foods for those holidays that the kitchen will be closed. Such as the 4th of July and Memorial Weekend, when members use the boating ramp and picnic area. The board was interested in the suggestion and will look into this. It was also suggested some members, perhaps the boy scouts, might grill hot dogs and hamburgers. These ideas will be looked into.

3. Paula Woodard noted that Mark Kramer donated a box of hand sanitizer bottles for the club’s use. They were very handy at the Annual Soup Supper. The board thanks Mark for thinking of the club and our members welfare.

4. JoAnne Tews thanked all the board members who attended the Annual Soup Supper to help setting up, tearing down as needed, and helping to bring the heavy containers into the building. She noted the soups were delicious and she was very pleased with everyone’s help.

5. Bill Campbell wanted to remind the Board that we hope to help organize a boat parade for the 4th of July events. The planning will be discussed at a future meeting.

Adjournment: With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM by Bill Campbell and seconded by Larry Cooper. All present in favor.

Respectfully submitted by: Paula Woodard, Secretary