Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club
Board of Directors Meeting
March 9, 2021

President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
Board Members Present: Jon Barnes, Jay Wilson, Paula Woodard, Bill Campbell, Bruce
Petersen, Mary Kay Peters, Sam Barta, Larry Cooper, and Roger Amburn
Board Members Absent: Nich McVay and Julie Bowen
Other Members Present: Gavin Campbell and Marcy Lucas.
Minutes for the Board Meeting of February 9, 2021 was reviewed. Bill Campbell made motion to
approve the Minutes with Bruce Petersen second. All present in favor.
Treasurer's Report: Sam Barta provided the accountability statement for the period ending
February 28, 2021. He reported income and expense for that month. It is his intention to
provide the Year To Date information at the April meeting. The total Cash and Investments
were also provided. Members are welcome to see these figures on the minutes copy at the club
facility. Sam noted that our accounting firm explained that we should be figuring the sales tax
for the club merchandise that we sell. This will be discussed at a future meeting.
Bruce Petersen made motion to approve the Treasurer report with Larry Cooper second. All
present in favor.
Presentation of Vouchers: Sam Barta presented the February vouchers for approval. Larry
Cooper made motion to accept the vouchers with Bill Campbell second. All present in favor.
Approval of New Members: The following five (5) new members were reviewed for approval.
We welcome new members Scott & Michaela Johnson, Chris & Amy Holiday, Keith & Jodi
Jones, Brian & Nicole Driver and Daniel & Suzanne Foote.
Three members chose to not renew, and with the five new members noted above, the current
total membership total is 658. Motion was made by Bill Campbell to accept approval of the new
members, with Larry Cooper second. All present in favor.
Building: Provided by Jon Barnes for Warden Nich McVay:
1. There hasn’t been any updates or repairs done to the actual building at this time.
2. Bill Campbell noted that the kitchen dishwasher door has a problem with the springs, but it
does work and Courtney is satisfied with it’s performance at this time.

Boats & Docks: Per Warden Bill Campbell:
1. The boats and docks are in good shape at this time. We will be bringing the kayaks and
paddle boards out of storage for members use the next couple days.
2. The aerator bubbler has been taken off the docks, as the ice has melted off the lake.
3. Nich McVay obtained some information regarding the the cost of two more paddle boards.
He found them at $368.00 each, with 2 retractable fins, a weight capacity 220 lbs, 35.5 in x 9 ft 8
in, and a 5 year warranty.
Grounds: Provided by Warden Larry Cooper:
1. Bill Campbell and Tom Tews fixed the belt on the air compressor.
2. Bill Campbell and Tom Tews also fixed the Sewer Clean Out Pipe.
3. Larry noted that Tim Lustraff appreciated the gift card to our kitchen for the snow removal
he has done this year, but he asked about being provided a couple memberships. Larry made a
motion to give two memberships to Tim as he will be delivering pea gravel for our parking lot.
Paula Woodard 2 nd the motion, and all present in favor.
4. Larry explained that he has obtained a quote from Designs & Signs for the replacement of the
club sign at the entrance of the parking lot. The quote is $580.00 plus tax. If we have the sign
raised higher, the cost would be an additional $400.00. The sign company stated that the current
sign is at the correct safe height. It was discussed what the graphics and information would look
like on the sign. Different ideas were discussed of what the Board would like on the sign. Larry
Cooper made a motion that he would get examples and quotes of different ideas of what it could
look like, including adding our club insignia. Bill Campbell second. All present approved.
Mary Kay Peters made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Bruce
Petersen second, and all present in favor.
1. Sewer Clean Out Pipe – As noted in the Warden’s report, Bill Campbell and Tom Tews fixed
this. They put it underground with a large rock on top. Larry Cooper offered to look for a sign
saying “Sewer Clean Out” to help prevent it being damaged in the future, and to remind us
where it is buried.
2. Website upgrades to sell club merchandise – Jon Barnes delegated Mary Kay Peters to take
pictures of our club merchandise and to send it to John Roods, the webmaster, so we can begin
offering them for sale and payment on our website.
3. First aid station – Jay Wilson returned the first aid box he had received as it was damaged.
He has ordered a different one which should arrive at any time. He will get Bill Campbell to help
him mount it outside on the building. He also quoted an AED with mounting case at $1400 to
$1800. This will be mounted in the building.

4. Kids room/ Eagle Scout project – Sam Johnson of Boy Scout Troop 463 has presented his
signed request to build the shelves and fix the boat in the playroom. His proposal is pending
approval from his council board.
5. Baby High Chair for Dining Room – Paula Woodard has purchased the baby high chair for
the dining room. Nich McVay or Bill Campbell will put it together.
6. Easter Egg Hunt – The Board decided we will hold the annual Easter Egg Hunt as scheduled
on April 3, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. as it is an outdoor event. Mary Kay Peters and Gavin Campbell
will send out an email blast and put the information on the website to notify our members. A
sign will also be put up in the building.
1. Spring Crappie Fishing Tournament – Set Date: The Board has chosen April 24, 2021 (rain
date April 25, 2021) for the Spring Crappie Fishing Tournament. It will be held from 7:00 a.m.
to 12:00 p.m. As this is our first time holding this event, it was decided to try to keep it as simple
as possible. We will accept the first 30 teams (total 60 people) at $30.00 per team with 100%
payback on prizes. At least one team person must be a current club member. Paper applications
will be available. Bill Campbell will process the tournament permit application with the DNR.
2. Credit Card for Board Member Use: It was approved at the February meeting we would
obtain a limited amount credit card for the Wardens and Secretary to use for club business only.
It had been decided to not have a debit card on our current bank account in case of theft of that
card. Sam Barta found that the bank would require the social security number of each member
that would have access to the club credit card. It was thought that could become confusing with
board members possibly changing annually. Bill Campbell asked if a separate bank account with
a debit card could be set up at a small limit amount instead. The Board liked that idea. Sam
Barta will discuss this with our bank representative.
3. Office Door Sign: Paula Woodard suggested we put a sign on the office door as people get
confused where the slot is to put their application and payment envelopes. It was suggested that
we look at Home Depot for such a sign.
GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):
1. Jay Wilson has been contacted by a family about a memorial bench. Larry Cooper noted
where the last one was purchased. Jay Wilson will contact that company for a quote. It was
noted that we have quite a few benches, and Jon Barnes suggested that we have a list available
showing family members options of different types of memorials. Example, perhaps against the
purchase of a replacement picnic table. Then a plaque can be put on the table with the loved
ones name. The Board liked that idea. Jay Wilson will look into the prices of different types of
picnic tables.
2. It was discussed replacing the current picnic tables. Jay Wilson will obtain some quotes for
different types of picnic tables. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

3. Jay Wilson asked about replacing the two trees that were recently taken down. It was decided
to discuss this at a future meeting.
4. Bill Campbell noted that the grills are in rough shape. The griddles are rusted and the mortar
in the bricks are bad. It was decided that we will look into prices to replace the existing grills
with pole grills like used in the parks. Jay Wilson will price them.
5. Jay Wilson also noted that the TV weather channels show live footage of the Omaha area and
the Council Bluffs memorial stone. He offered to contact them and see if the TV stations would
be interested in putting a life view camera on our building to show activity on Lake Manawa.
The Board members like the idea.
Adjournment: With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM
by Bill Campbell and seconded by Larry Cooper. All present in favor.
Respectfully submitted by: Paula Woodard, Secretary