October 2020 Annual Board Meeting Minutes

Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club

Board of Directors Meeting
October 6, 2020
President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.
Board Members Present: Jon Barnes, Jay Wilson, Rose Dalton, Paula Woodard, Larry Cooper, Bill Campbell, Mo
Bowen & Bruce Petersen.
Board Members Absent: Mary Kay Peters, Aaron Simons and Matt Sibley
Other Members Present: Gavin Campbell and Jim McVay
Minutes for the Board Meeting of September 8, 2020 was reviewed. Larry Cooper noted that under “Old Business”, First
Aid Station, Jay Wilson stated he would get with Larry Cooper to build a box for the first aid station. Jay meant to say
Bill Campbell. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Minutes with Mo Bowen second. All present in favor.
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Rose Dalton provided the accountability statement for the period ending September 30,
2020. She reported income and expense amounts for the month. These figures are available on the minutes posted in the
dining area of the club. Rose noted that most are the regular monthly charges. She also provided the total annual income
from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020. Jon Barnes was pleased to note that out of the membership dues
payments, it appears about 17% were made online. Rose also noted the total Cash and Investments. Mo Bowen made
motion to approve the treasury report with Bill Campbell second. All present in favor.
Presentation of Vouchers: The vouchers from the vendors were passed around, and Mo Bowen made motion to accept the
vouchers with Larry Cooper second. All present in favor.
Approval of New Members: The following five (5) new members were reviewed for approval. The new members are:
John & Diane Marshall, Doug Oshlo, Todd & Maureen Rule, Eli & Gerri Zimmerman and Mary Horan Cummings.
Paula Woodard noted that the 181 new members have joined since January 2020. The current total membership including
the new approved members is now 657. The applications for new and renewal are currently being scanned into our
system and saved into the cloud as a precautionary measure. Motion was made by Larry Cooper to accept approval of the
new members, with Mo Bowen second. All present in favor.
Building: Per Warden Aaron Simons presented by Bill Campbell:
1. All light bulbs have been changed in the upstairs display cases.
Boats & Docks: Per Warden Bill Campbell:
1. Routine maintenance performed on docks, including tightening the handrails.
Grounds: Per Warden Larry Cooper:
1. Larry Cooper was told by Tom Tews that the marten bird house needs to be replaced. It was decided to
replace the existing one.
2. Larry noticed that the large club sign at the entrance of our property needs to be touched up. He is asking
the original person that build the sign to provide an estimate of the cost.
Mo Bowen made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Jay Wilson second, and all present in favor.

1. Hunter McVay scouting project: Jon Barnes stated that phase 1 of the fish habitats built by the boy scout troop has
been completed and they are in the lake. The project was a big success. They plan to build more in the spring. Our
thanks to the boys of this troop and their leader, Nich McVay.
2. Zita Clean: Paula Woodard has spoken to Loretta of Zita Clean, and they will not be moving as originally thought.
They are pleased that they are able to honor the remainder of this years contract, and they hope to continue cleaning for
the club in 2021.
3. First Aid Station: Paula Woodard has obtained three First Aid Kits to be available to members as they are needed.
One will be set up in the building and the other two will be available outside. Jay Wilson will be picking up two Throw
Bags which will be outside for water emergencies.
4. Halloween Party: As was decided at the September 2020 board meeting, the children’s Halloween party will be held
on Oct 25 th from 2:00- 3:30 PM. Gavin put this on the website calendar, and he will also put a separate notice on the
website. Mary Kay Peters will send out an email blast and put a notice on Facebook. Rose Dalton will create a poster to
hang up in the dining room. Paula Woodard will pick up the hot dogs, chips and juice boxes from Sam’s Club. Mo
Bowen also suggested we pick up packets of condiments for their use.
5. Short Term Membership: At the September board meeting it was discussed that we accept donations in exchange of
use of our watercraft. It was decided that the issue would be discussed at the October meeting. At this meeting Bill
Campbell stated that he is in favor of allowing a short term membership at a flat $100.00. A temporary card would be
provided for a 7 day time span. It was again decided that we need to talk to our insurance agent concerning liability and
to obtain more information to find the pros and cons. It was also suggested that we speak to more of our members for
their input and thoughts on the idea. We will obtain information and continue the discussion at a future meeting.
1. 2020 Annual October 15, 2020 Board Meeting:
Jon Barnes passed out a “State of the States” form asking the board members for details to provide to our members on
things the club has accomplished during the past year. These items include Membership, Education/Conservation,
Community Engagement, Member Engagement, Site/Capital Improvements and Online Presence. These ideas will be
given to Jon or Paula so a formal sheet can be provided at the annual meeting.
Paula Woodard has mailed the notices to all members inviting them to attend the Annual Board Meeting. She will be
creating the voting ballots and print out the necessary copies of the Annual Board Meeting Minutes for last years 2019
meeting. She will print the upcoming meeting Agenda that Jon Barnes will provide. She is also printing copies of the
current Constitution and Stand By Rules should anyone want a copy. Bruce Petersen is a 2 year Director, so his position
will not be voted for this year.
2. Website upgrades to sell club merchandise: Jon Barnes suggested we add the ability to order club merchandise via the
website. Bill Campbell suggested instead of us shipping the merchandise, we have them come pick it up at the club. Jon
suggested we give them the option as they would pay for the shipping. Gavin Campbell noted that we had originally
chosen to not include this ability because of the extra charge by the webmaster. He thought it was a difference of around
$300. Paula Woodard will look at the original quotes to verify the extra price. Jay Wilson said he thought it was
expensive because the webmaster would have to create an extra page for this ability. We will obtain more information
and continue the discussion at a future meeting.
3. November Pot Luck Dinner: It was decided that we would not hold the November and December Pot Luck Dinners
because of Covid 19. It will be decided at the December monthly board meeting whether we should hold it in January
2021. Mary Kay will send an email blast out and Gavin Campbell will note this on the website.

4. Baby High Chair: Paula Woodard explained that this past weekend she noticed a mother pick up the high chair to
carry it to their table and a leg fell off. It was decided that the high chair will be replaced. Mo Bowen believes he knows
where we can obtain a new donated high chair.
5. Annual Soup Supper: It was decided that we will not hold the November 1, 2020 Annual Soup Supper because of
Covid 19. Mary Kay will send an email blast out and Gavin Campbell will note this on the website.
GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):
1. Watercraft Rules per the Stand By Rules have been printed out by Paula Woodard and taped to the wall above the
watercraft checkout form table as a reminder to members what the rules are.
2. Mo Bowen stated that he will be willing to take on the position of Warden of Building, but because of his new child
and his other work duties, he would need a lot of assistance. Paula Woodard noted that Aaron Simons, Bruce Petersen
and Bill Campbell are always helpful. She also provided him with the “Warden of the Building Duties/Information”
which has details of what the duties entail. It also provides our vendors names, phone numbers, and if available, website
Adjournment: With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:0r PM by Larry Cooper
and seconded by Mo Bowen. All present in favor.
Respectfully submitted by: Paula Woodard, Secretary