Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club

Board of Directors Meeting

August 11, 2020

President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Board Members Present:   Jon Barnes, Rose Dalton, Paula Woodard, Larry Cooper, Bill Campbell, Mary Kay Peters  & Bruce Petersen.


Board Members Absent:  Aaron Simons,Matt Sibley,Jay Wilson & Mo Bowen,


Other Members Present:  Gavin Campbell, Julie Bowen and Hunter, Nich & Jim McVay.

Minutes for the Board Meeting of July 14 2020 was reviewed.  Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Minutes with Bruce Petersen second.  All present in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer Rose Dalton provided the accountability statement for the period ending July 31, 2020.  For details, please feel free to look at the minutes at the club facilities.  Larry Cooper made motion to approve the treasury report with Mary Kay Peters second.  All present in favor.


Presentation of Vouchers:  The vouchers from the vendors were passed around, and Larry Cooper made motion to accept the vouchers with Bruce Petersen second.  All present in favor.


Approval of New Members:  The following eight (8) new members were reviewed for approval.  The new members are:  Alan & Edna Bach, R Scott Darrah, Julie & Andrew DiGiacomo, Fernando Figueroa & Mindy Martin, Mike Nelson, Terry & Glenna Pullen, George Head and Marilyn Jones Wright.


Paula Woodard noted that the Annual Membership Drive has added 163 new members to date.  The current total membership including the new approved members is now 647.  March and April non-pay members have been deleted.  Final notices for May and 2nd notices for June non-pay members have been sent.  Paula noted that the Constitution states only 10% of the 700 membership is to be non-resident and that we currently are at about 9%.  She was instructed by Julie  Bowen, previous secretary, new non-Iowa applicants would be put on a waiting list once the 10% has been reached .

Motion was made by Larry Cooper to accept approval of the new members, with Bill Campbell second.  All present in favor.




Building:   Per Warden Aaron Simons:


  1. Pressure Hose: The tire pressure hose was repaired as it had a broken pipe.  He attached a second on the air line for the next time it happens.


  1. Dryer Vent: The hole where the dryer vent was has been filled in, which is a temporary fix.


  1. Filters: Replaced filters in the furnaces and air return.


  1. Carpenter Ants: Aaron found a small pile of sawdust by the basement entrance.  Tom Tews suggested might be carpenter ants so Aaron drilled a hold a couple feet down and heavily sprayed.  No more sawdust as of yet.


  1. Basement Entry: Jon Barnes finished painting the basement entry way and ceiling.


  1. Kitchen Grease Pit: Bill Campbell noted that the kitchen grease pit is now cleaned out.
  2. Kitchen: Courtney Merk called Dyna Kleen for the  kitchen hood and ducts.


  1. Smoke Alarm  batteries:  The batteries were changed byTom Tews in all smoke alarms.


Boats & Docks:  Per Warden Bill Campbell:


  1. Fish Cleaning Station: During the rain storm of August 9th, the fish clean up station fell into the lake. Tom Tews, Dwell Gilson, Blake Nelson & Larry Cooper pulled it out of the water and put it back on the dock.  Bill and Gavin Campbell finished fixing it last evening, but the electric still does not work.  It is “Out of Order” at this time, and signs have been put up until it is safe again.


  1. Dock Railing Replacement: At a prior meeting, it was voted to use $4,000 of memorial funds towards replacing the railing on the fishing dock area.  Bill Campbell discovered that the cost is going to be at least $5,000, so he has not purchased any supplies at this time.  He determined the railing is not that out of shape and that we should replace some of the boards for now, and continue to fix it as needed.


  1. Paddles Boards: Bill explained that as the new paddle boards have not arrived yet, he has not yet built a special rack to hold them.


  1. Kayak Paddles: Two kayak paddles that were broken have been fixed.


Grounds:   Per Warden Larry Cooper:


  1. Playground: Larry Cooper purchased more boards for the playground equipment, which Aaron Simons and Bruce Petersen replaced; and then Aaron and Bruce power washed and painted the playground..


  1. Memorial Bench: Dick Osborn’s family has been notified that the memorial bench for Mr. Osborn has arrived, and the plaque for it has been installed. Larry Cooper explained that we can now obtain memorial benches from a Kansas City company at less money, and they deliver free.


  1. Parking signs: Three new parking signs have been put up pointing to the east side of the parking lot stating “Boats and Trailer Only”.  Also, a new sign has been put up at the gate between the parking lot and the leased property stating “Do Not Block Gate”.


Bill Campbell made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Larry Cooper second, and all present in favor.




  1. Website :
  2. Paula Woodard noted that when members want to renew over the website, if they owe the ½ price of $70.62 because of recommending a new member during the Membership Drive, there is not a way for them to make that change. Gavin Campbell believes we can fix the website enabling the renewing member to change to the correct price by using a code that would be provided when the renewal notices are sent out.
  3. Larry Cooper is concerned that when our membership reaches the 10% out of state range, new applicants joining through the website will have to be put on a waiting list after they have already paid.  Gavin believes we can have the website new application section recognize when this would happen and have the system notify them they are on a waiting list before they pay.  Paula Woodard will get with Gavin to discuss the procedure.
  4. Jim McVey, guest, asked about putting the board meeting minutes on the Website. It was determined that we will begin doing this again.  Paula Woodard will provide the minutes to Gavin who will include them on the website.
  5. First Aid Station :  Jay Wilson and Mo Bowen were not able to attend this meeting.  This will be discussed at the September meeting.
  6. Upstairs Rental/Covid 19 guidelines : Bruce Petersen noted that the upstairs room is being rented every third Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00pm for one year by the Lakeshore Estate Condo Association.


  1. Hunter McVay scouting project: At the July board meeting Hunter and his boy scout troop were given permission to make and donate 4 to 5 devices for fishermen to toss bent hooks and lines into so they don’t toss them into the lake and endanger the wildlife and other fishermen.   Hunter brought in five completed sets of these disposal units.  Jon Barnes asked if the troop had approved to also make some fish habitat systems, and Hunter said they had agreed to make them.  Nich McVay said they will be camping at the park in September, and will  make them at that time.  Larry Cooper made motion to authorize the troop  to make the fish habitat and to spend up to $250.00 for supplies with Bill Campbell second and all present in favor.  The Troop will also make some benches for the fishing dock area.


  1. Josh Danon/OMC proposal: Jon Barnes wrote a letter to Josh Danon thank
  2. ing him for his proposal between the Fish and Game  Club and Omaha  Marine  Center, and explained that the Board does not believe the plan would work for us at this time.


  1. New Paddles Boards: Jon Barnes noted that he had ordered new paddle boards as voted in the prior meeting, but then was notified that they are on back order.   It appears they are not available at any store at this time.   If they come back in stock we will order another set.  In the meantime, it was suggested we check on Amazon, which we will do.


  1. Parking Signs-need more?: Jon Barnes noted that the special sign holder is in the basement.  Gavin Campbell suggested that we order a large sign  to put  on this holder, and he will set it out daily reminding people where to park their boats and trailers.  Paula Woodard will order a large sign with parking directions.




  1. Basement/Oar Room Clean Up: Larry Cooper, Jon Barnes and Aaron Simons cleaned out the boat closet and Aaron rearranged the basement room for watercraft paddles and life preservers.   For easier access at the front of the room he also moved the check out binder table and put up a bar to hang up the life preservers. Paula Woodard printed more blank check out sheets for the watercraft and put them in a larger binder.


  1. Kitchen Closure: Courtney Merk has notified the Board that the kitchen will be closed Thursday & Friday August 27 and 28, and reopened Saturday August 29th.  They are moving their oldest son to college.


  1. New Office Phone: Secretary, Paula Woodard requested a new phone for the office as she has had multiple problems with the existing one.  It was determined that she should purchase one for the office and two portable phones for the kitchen and dining area..


GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):


  1. Paula Woodard read a note from Aaron Simons which stated, “We have one long term board member who isn’t afraid to speak up for what’s right in the midst of opposition. Unfortunately he has far too often stood alone while we sat silent.  I respectfully recommend Larry Cooper for “Lifetime  Membership” in appreciation and gratitude for his service.”   Bill Campbell made motion to issue a Lifetime Membership to Larry Campbell.  Rose Dalton  2nd  All present in favor.


Adjournment:  With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:00PM by Rose Dalton and seconded by Bill Campbell.   All present in favor.

Respectfully submitted by:  Paula Woodard, Secretary