July 2021 Minutes

Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club

Board of Directors Meeting

July 13, 2021

President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Board Members Present: Jon Barnes, Jay Wilson, Paula Woodard, Bill Campbell, Bruce Petersen, Sam Barta, Larry Cooper, Julie Bowen and Roger Amburn.

Board Members Absent: Nich McVay and Mary Kay Peters

Other Members Present: Gavin Campbell, Roland Lynch, Marcy Lucas.

Minutes for the Board Meeting of June 8, 2021 was reviewed. Bill Campbell noted that I had left Mary Kay Peter’s name as a “Board Member Present” on the report. This will be amended. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Minutes with Bruce Petersen second. All present in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Sam Barta provided the accountability statement for the period ending June 30, 2021. He reported income and expense for that month. He noted that the larger expense amounts were for club maintenance, marketing and a $500 donation to the 4th of July fireworks. Sam also noted that he has added a new expense named “Events” which will show the expenses when we host events such as the tournaments and children events.

The detail breakdown of the Treasurer Report are available on the bulletin board in the club dining room. Sam also noted that our Year To Date figures currently show $7,000 ahead after the large expenses paid this year. The total Cash and Investments also appears on the report. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Treasurer report with Bruce Petersen second. All present in favor.

Presentation of Vouchers: Sam Barta presented the June vouchers for approval. Larry Cooper made motion to accept the vouchers with Jay Wilson second. All present in favor.

Approval of New Members: The following seventeen (17) new members were reviewed for approval. We welcome new members Randy & Jennifer Archer, Harley & Sandra Leaders, Jeffery & Angela Maggio, Chris & Kari Olson, Andrea & Brian Plambeck-Knauss, Sarah Ipock, Robert & Erin Ruis, Jeff & Stacy Raines, Richard & Sharon Price, Brian & Amanda Redlinger, Gil & Joyce Nebgen, Rozanne & James Yochum, Molly & Brian Richardson, Brady & Melissa Smith and Alaine Muse & Guy Barta, Randy & Cindy Kahl, and Brendon & Jaclyn Richardson.

With the 17 new members noted above and the deleted unpaid members, the current total membership is again 700. It is noted on the Website and Facebook that our 700 member maximum will soon be reached, and applications received after that point shall be put on a waiting list. Those new applications sare being processed as the membership is reduced to under the 700 amount.

So far Paula Woodard, secretary, has been able to contact and verify late pay members intentions about renewing, and has been able to delete those confirmed as not renewing. Therefore, she has been able to process applications recently received. She still has 7 unpaid renewals for May to contact, and is now able to begin contacting the 29 June unpaid renewals.

Motion was made by Bruce Petersen to accept approval of the new members, with Larry Cooper second. All present in favor.


Building: Provided by Paula Woodard per Warden Nich McVay:

1. Kitchen Sink – Parts have been ordered for the kitchen clean up sink. Nich has received notice the parts are in and he hopes to replace them the next couple of days.

2. Caretaker House – The Caretaker Roof has been replaced & the chimney has been fixed. The club’s Insurance agent has been notified.

Boats & Docks: Per Warden Bill Campbell:

1. Paddle Boats – Sam did not order the paddle boats yet as he found there was an option he was not sure about. If we ordered the stainless steel boats, the price would be $400 each higher. It was determined that the stainless steel would not be necessary as we do not have salt water. Sam will order the galvanized paddle boats instead. Sam is also to find out what the freight charge will be.

2. Kayaks – Bill Campbell had 2 kayaks repaired. Paula Woodard was made aware by a member that one of the other kayaks is leaking. Bill will take it up to be repaired. It was noted that they are sometimes tossed up to the docks when they are being returned. This might be part of the problem.

4. Water access at Cleaning Station – It was noted that some members were confused how to get the water to run at the cleaning station. Bill explained if the water switch does not turn on the water, there is a GFI button to be pushed on the plug at the cleaning station. Once in a while it gets tripped.

Grounds: Provided by Warden Larry Cooper:

1. Entry Sign – The new entry sign has been installed. The sign builder suggested the exposed portions, such as the new new posts, be painted to seal and protect against weather. Bruce & Vickie Petersen have agreed to do the painting. Larry Cooper has donated two lights that will be put in the ground under the sign. He suggested we obtain a timer for those lights. He confirmed there is an electrical plug there.

2. Leaf Blower – Larry noted that Gavin Campbell, caretaker, had problems with the leaf blower. Larry has taken it to be repaired.

Per Paula Woodard, we have a total of $51.67 worth of rebates from Menard’s for the use of the Wardens when making repairs at the club facility.

Bill Campbell made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Larry Cooper second, and all present in favor.


1. Mc Elderry’s Kids Fishing Tournament Results The tournament was a success with 43 children participating. A $50 gift card was provided to Corrine Anderson a the 25”, 6.10 lb catfish she caught. Addison Hart caught the largest Bass fish at 7”, Lincoln Campbell caught the largest Crappie at 8 ½”, Clara Stupfell caught the largest Blue Gill fish at 7 5/8”, Kaine Hiffernan caught the largest Drum Perch at 13 3/8” and Bull Head at 6 5/8”. These children were allowed to choose their winning prize.

Then Larry Cooper pulled names from the basket to give prizes to the remaining children. Jon Barnes and Gavin Campbell picked up gift cards and prizes from Bass Pro, and Nich McVay obtained a $50 gift card to Scheels.

Hot dogs, chips, cookies and water were served to the participants and their parents/grandparents. The Board would like to thank Courtney Merk for cooking the hot dogs, and JoAnne Tews and Kathy Baker for serving the the food. Also thanks to Rose Campbell for passing out the cookies.

The Board would like to thank Dave Smith of the Trailblazers for donating the worms for our tournament. Last, we thank Larry Cooper, Tom Tews, Ted Baker, Gavin Campbell, Paula Woodard, Jon Barnes and Aaron Simons for helping as needed.

2. Kids room/ Eagle Scout project – Nich McVay noted that the Boy Scout troop began work on the project this past weekend. They had issues figuring how to square and level everything because the building is old and the flooring and walls are not as square and level as they once were. Some adults and older scouts hope to find time to stop in during the week to get caught up. The scouts should return on July 31 & August 1 from 1:00 – 4:00pm. The door is still locked for safety reasons until the project is finished.

3. First Aid Station – Jay Wilson confirmed that the AED machine has been received, and will be hung where the “Comment” box currently is to be available for emergencies. When we have the training class, Jay said the seller might have one we can use for demonstration. Jay would like us to post on Facebook and the website a list of the first aid items we have made available this year.

4. Entrance Sign – Larry Cooper noted the status of the new sign in the above “Warden of Ground” report.

6. Picnic Tables – 5 tables have been ordered and Bill Campbell is picking them up, which will save freight charges.

7. Paddle Boats – Bill Campbell noted the status of this under the Warden of Boats Report above.

8. Manawa Fireworks Results – Once the fireworks were officially scheduled, our club provided The Friends of Lake Manawa a donation of $500.00 as approved at the June board meeting. Bill Campbell thanked the members that helped with guiding the parking in the lots Friday, July 2nd, for the fireworks display. This year we took a tally of how many members and guests were hosted. 107 member & family vehicles were counted, and 97 guests attended. He also stated that the email blast sent by Mary Kay Peters asking members to be patient while everyone parked, and to have guests park on the street or elsewhere, was a great help. He appreciated that everyone was very patient.

9. Insurance Inspection Request Results – Larry Cooper provided the status of this for Nich McVay under the Warden of Building Report above.

10. Pot Luck Dinners – The ladies agreed to the Monthly Pot Luck dinners beginning again on Sunday, August 1, 2021. Mary Kay Peters will send out an email blast and put the information on Facebook. Gavin Campbell will put it on the website.


1. IWCC Black Tie Scholarship Auction Iowa Western Community College has requested that we provide a free membership towards their annual scholarship auction. Larry Cooper made motion that the club provide a 1 year free membership. Bill Campbell seconded with all present in favor. Paula Woodard will send out the Certificate, application and information sheet for their use.

2. Midland Humane Society Fundraiser Auction – We have received a request from them to provide a 1 year membership towards their annual fundraiser auction. Larry Cooper made motion that the club provide a 1 year free membership. Bill Campbell seconded with all present in favor. Paula Woodard will send out the Certificate, application and information sheet for their use.

3. Annual Catfish Tournament – Jon Barnes suggested that the club host a “Cat Fish Tournament” with all entrant fees returned through the prizes. All board members are in favor. It was decided we would try to hold it Friday, August 20, 2021. The participates would begin at 9:00 PM, and return for the weigh in by 7:00 AM Saturday morning. Gavin Campbell will request the permit from the DNR. We believe there must be a 30 day lead time for the permit. Larry Cooper made a motion for the registration fee to be $40.00 per each 2 man team. Bill Campbell second, and all present in favor. Larry noted one of the team participants must be a member. The price is the same if only one person registers for a team. Further details of rules and distribution of prizes will be announced soon.

4. Memorial Donation from Mel Samples’ family – Mr. Sample requested that any memorials in memory of him be sent to the CB Fish and Game Club. His wife, Chris, has decided that the monies collected should be used towards new picnic tables. A plaque will be attached to the table they will have purchased. Letters of thanks have been sent to those people who have sent in memorials, and Chris has been notified as each one has been received. So far $1,100.00 has been received. The board thanks the family for their generous donation to the club.

GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):

1. It was noticed that the nose on the elk head in the stairway has been damaged. Jay Wilson will look into having it repaired.

2. The club “Standby Rules” state under “Boats and Docks”, #12”, “Swimming from the club property is not permitted.” Paula Woodard noted that we do not have a sign at the docks and water area stating this. Larry Cooper made motion that we get 2 signs for those areas. Sam Barta seconded, all present in favor.

3. Jon Barnes wanted to thank all members who assisted over the past Holiday weekend to keep everyone organized and safe.

4. Julie Bowen noted she received compliments on the new grills at a picnic held last Wednesday, She said that she wasn’t sure where to toss the charcoal ashes. Gavin Campbell told her to just leave them as he cleans them out.

5. Larry Cooper says he has fish for the September 12, 2021 “Annual Fish Fry” and needs freezer space. Bill Campbell told him we have a freezer available at the club facility. Bill will talk to Courtney of the kitchen.

6. Bruce Petersen stated he had been contacted by a lady who asked if it is acceptable to spread her husbands ashes across the lake. Bruce told her to contact the DNR or Conservation Office.

7. Bill Campbell suggested the club host a “4th of July Boat Parade” at next years holiday. The board thought it was a great idea. He suggested we ask the police and fire department to lead the parade off with their boats. We will discuss this at future meetings to be ready for next year.

8. Guest, Roland Lynch, had three items to discuss. A.) He said the club used to have name tags and suggested the board members wear them. Jon Barnes explained that he did not think this would be necessary as most members know the board. B.) Roland wondered about the club putting a little wooden roof over the outside first aid box because of rain. Jon Barnes explained that the box seals shut, and that Gavin, the caretaker, checks it each evening. C.) Roland noted he has recently been seeing articles about a significant drop of fish population because of the heat and chemicals. Jon Barnes explained that the club has been doing work for fish habitat in the lake, and we would continue to do so.

Adjournment: With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM by Bill Campbell and seconded by Roger Amburn. All present in favor.

Respectfully submitted by:  Paula Woodard, Secretary