May 2021 Minutes

Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club
Board of Directors Meeting
May 11, 2021

President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Board Members Present: Jon Barnes, Jay Wilson, Paula Woodard, Bill Campbell, Bruce Petersen, Sam Barta, Larry Cooper, Nich McVay, Roger Amburn and Julie Bowen.

Board Members Absent: Mary Kay Peters

Other Members Present: Gavin Campbell, Jim McVay, Dave Miller, Sam & Ricky Johnson and Marcy Lucas.

Minutes for the Board Meeting of April 13, 2021 was reviewed. Bill Campbell noted the April minutes state we plan to replace the grills with 4 new ones. He corrected this as we are replacing them with 2 new grills. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Minutes with Jay Wilson second. All present in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Sam Barta provided the accountability statement for the period ending April 30, 2021. He reported income and expense for that month. Jon Barnes asked of the 116 renewal applications, how many were received via the website. Sam said he believes about half. The total Cash and Investments were also provided. Sam noted a couple payments like the property tax have not been cashed yet, so they will appear on the May financial statement. For exact financial details, please feel free to see the Minutes at the facility.

Sam also noted that the new debit card has been received and activated for the use of the approved Board Members to pay for services and materials for the upkeep of the club’s building, grounds and docks. The sign out sheet is in the office. Receipts are to be turned in at the time of use.

Sam calculated and explained the total estimated receipts expected for the year to help us determine what our expenditures can be without using the existing funds. He also noted that the Edward Jones account representative is willing to attend our October Annual Board Meeting to discuss our investment account options and answer any questions about our account.

Bill Campbell made motion to approve the Treasurer report with Larry Cooper second. All present in favor.

Presentation of Vouchers: Sam Barta presented the April vouchers for approval. Larry Cooper made motion to accept the vouchers with _____Nich McVay second. All present in favor.

Approval of New Members: The following fifteen (15) new members were reviewed for approval. We welcome new members Tamara Bruno & Mike Kowal, Philip Burg, Leiland & Patty Donaldson, Eric & Heidi Hough, Brian & Rachel Kalstrup, John LeMaster, David & Maria Miller, Sumit & Chrissta Mukherjee, Kendall & Penny Swanson, Melynda Walker & Matt Palen, Mubanga & Ambrose Ofafa, Shane & Mary Calmer, Tony & Cathy Tauke, Jason & Christina Maron and Nathan & Corrie Dollen.

With the 15 new members noted above and the deleted unpaid members, the current total membership is 698. It will be noted on the Website and Facebook that our 700 member maximum will soon be reached, and applications received after that point shall be put on a waiting list. Those new applications shall be processed as the membership is reduced to under the 700 amount. Motion was made by Larry Cooper to accept approval of the new members, with Bruce Petersen second. All present in favor.


Building: Provided by Warden Nich McVay:

1. Nich thanked Bill Campbell for fixing the leaky faucet in the men’s restroom.

2. He will be replacing the back screen door latch.

Boats & Docks: Per Warden Bill Campbell:

1. The two new paddle boards have been stenciled.

2. We have two old paddle boats at this time. Replacements will be ordered. They will be sturdier and of commercial grade. It was decided they will be stored on the extra row boat ramp. Marcy Lucas noted that while she is able to get them in the water by herself, she is not able to return them to the row boat ramp. She asked about setting up a hand winch. Larry noted that it would have to be put on the walkway, and he is concerned about people tripping over them. Bill suggested that she tie it up to the dock and let the caretaker know it needs to be stored properly.

3. Fish Habitats. The Boy Scouts came Saturday, May 1, and created more fish habitats. Nich says they have made about 75 of them so far. Bill and Tyler Campbell set them into the water around the dock.

Grounds: Provided by Warden Larry Cooper:

1. Larry dragged the lot to level out the gravel and fill any holes.

2. Two new free standing surface mounted grills have been installed by Bill Campbell at the east side picnic area. Larry thanked Bill Campbell and Jon Barnes for tearing down the old brick grills.

3. May Clean Up – Yellow lines were painted on the cement back by the grill and picnic area to warn members where to step. Larry thanked Bill Campbell and Bruce & Vickie Petersen for helping with the clean up.

4. Larry thanked Bruce & Vickie Petersen for planting the lovely flowers under the entrance sign again this year.

5. Larry noted that the new entry sign has been finalized. He will be ordering two replacement posts to hang the sign from.

6. Bill Campbell noted that the carburetor fell off the push mower the caretaker uses. He estimated that it would cost $175.00 to replace. It was determined it should be replaced.

Bruce Petersen made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Bill Campbell second, and all present in favor.


1. Kids room/ Eagle Scout project – The Boy Scout, Sam, presented a final quote for the shelves and boat in the kid’s room. The project is estimated to cost $630 in materials. Because the price of wood is increasing, Larry Cooper made a motion to approve a ceiling of $1,000 for the materials being used. Bill Campbell 2nd, and all present in favor. Nich McVay shall pick up the materials they will be using. The troop will provide their own tools. They believe it will take them 2 to 3 days to complete, and will begin the work pending the upstairs availability as May and June are busy with rentals.

There will be three levels for each set of shelves. The boat will be secured underneath for safety, and the inside of the boat will have carpet on the sides and a bench for the kids to sit on,. The steering wheel and window shield will be attached.

2. Website upgrades to sell club merchandise – Paula Woodard has sent the pictures of the club t-shirts to John Rood to make them available for purchase via our website. Jon Barnes has ordered some additional t-shirts so we have several of each size available for sale.

3. First Aid Station – Jay Wilson will be obtaining an AED with a mounting case which will be housed inside the dining room. It should arrive in a couple weeks. Jay is willing to show how to use it.

4. Spring Crappie Fishing Tournament April 24, 2021 – The tournament was successfully held as scheduled. We had 17 entrants for our first time of this tournament. Hats were given to all contestants. First place prize was given to Roger Jones and Matt Reas, and 2nd prize was won by Gavin Campbell for the largest fish. All entry monies were returned as prizes. We are looking forward to holding this again next year.

5. Entrance Sign: As noted by Larry Cooper in the above Warden Report, the sign design has been finalized and should be here soon. The existing posts shall be replaced.

6. Picnic Tables – The existing tables are in poor shape and it was determined that we need to upgrade the picnic area. After much discussion, Nich McVay made motion to purchase 5 tables at this time, and replace the remainder at a future date. Larry Cooper 2nd, and all present in favor. Jon Barnes and Jay Wilson will go pick them up to save on freight.

7. Pole Grills – The old grills have been replaced as noted by Bill Campbell in the above Warden Report.

8. May Clean Up – This was noted by Larry Cooper in the above Warden Report. Paula Woodard apologized for not putting up signs announcing we were having the spring clean up. She also should have had an email blast sent, and noted the event on the website and Facebook for volunteers.


1. Mc Elderry’s Kids Fishing Tournament – June 12th 10:00am to 12:00 pm – Signs have been put up in the building about this upcoming event. It shall also be noted on the Website and Facebook. Paula Woodard noted that last year we had 44 kids attend. Each child was given a fishing pole and tackle box. For the upcoming event, Nich McVay will ask Scheels for donations toward prizes. Bill Campbell made motion for $500 to buy prizes for each child. Larry Cooper 2nd and all present in favor. Paula Woodard will pick up the hot dogs, chips, cookies and water.

2. Jennie Edmundson “Spirit of Courage” membership donation – We have received a request from the Jennie Edmundson Foundation requesting a membership for their annual auction being held August 2021. Larry Cooper made motion for approval of donating one membership to this event. Nich McVay 2nded the motion. All present in favor. Paula Woodard will create and send them the proper paperwork.

3. Lawn Mower – Bill Campbell requested that a riding lawn mower be purchased for the upkeep of the property. This would replace the $200.00 monthly fee we currently pay for mowing the leased parking property to the east. Bill believes the mower will have paid for itself in a couple years. The caretaker would mow the lawn. It would also be used to pull the dragger for leveling the parking lot. Bill Campbell made motion for a $5,000 limit to purchase the lawn mower with Bruce Petersen second. Board voted 7 yes, 1 nay and 2 abstains.

GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):

1. Julie Bowen was approached by Joy Colwell concerning the US flag on the property. Joy has changed the flags as needed in the past and is asking that someone else take this duty over. Roger Amburn has volunteered to do this. Paula Woodard brought out a new flag from storage in the office and Roger will hang it on the pole. Visitor Dave Miller told Roger that he would be able to supply the club with future flags as needed.

Adjournment: With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:50PM by Larry Cooper and seconded by Nich McVay. All present in favor.

Respectfully submitted by: Paula Woodard, Secretary