August 2021 Minutes

Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club

Board of Directors Meeting

August 10, 2021

President Jon Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Board Members Present: Jon Barnes, Jay Wilson, Paula Woodard, Bill Campbell, Bruce Petersen, Sam Barta, Larry Cooper, Julie Bowen, Mary Kay Peters and Roger Amburn.

Board Members Absent: Nich McVay

Other Members Present: Roland Lynch, Marcy Lucas, Bruce Pike, Gary DeVoss, Matt Calbreath and Jim McVay.

Minutes for the Board Meeting of July 13, 2021 was reviewed. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Minutes with Bruce Petersen second. All present in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Sam Barta provided the accountability statement for the period ending July 31, 2021. He reported income and expense for that month, as well as the total Cash and Investments amount. Included under Memorial in the income section is an amount presented to the club by the Mel Sample’s family. Sam noted the larger expense amounts were for the new roof on the caretaker’s house and the new AED machine, as well as payment for the two new paddle boats and repair of some kayaks.

The detailed figures of the Treasurer Report are available on the bulletin board in the club dining room. Larry Cooper made motion to approve the Treasurer report with Jay Wilson second. All present in favor.

Presentation of Vouchers: Sam Barta presented the June vouchers for approval. Larry Cooper made motion to accept the vouchers with Jay Wilson second. All present in favor.

Approval of New Members: The following six (6) new members were reviewed for approval. We welcome new members: Dean & Pam Giese, George & Linda Rybar, Tim & Nancy Alkire, James & Nicole Peters, Steven & Teresa Rains and Jonas & Elisa Smith.

With the 6 new members noted above and the deleted unpaid members, the current total membership is still at 700. It is noted on the Website and Facebook that our 700 member maximum will soon be reached, and applications received after that point shall be put on a waiting list. Those new applications are being processed as the membership is reduced to under the 700 amount.

Paula Woodard, secretary, has been calling late pay members to verify their intentions about

renewing, and has been able to delete those confirmed as not renewing. Therefore, she has been able to process applications recently received. She still has some June unpaid members to contact, and is ready to contact July’s non-pay members.

Motion was made by Larry Cooper to accept approval of the new members, with Bruce Petersen second. All present in favor.


Building: Provided by Warden Nich McVay and presented by Larry Cooper:

1. Kitchen Sink – this has been repaired.

2. Upstairs Toilet Seat – this has been repaired.

3. Soffit Repair – Bill Campbell would like to thank the person that repaired the soffit under the east canopy which was damaged in the recent storm. We do not know who did this.

4. Electrical – Bill Campbell noted where the meter power comes the box has broken loose because the cement has settled. We need a licensed electrician with The Mid America Energy people to repair this in the near future. It is not bad at this time, but will need to be addressed soon.

Boats & Docks: Per Warden Bill Campbell:

1. Paddle Boats – Sam Barta noted that the two new paddle boats have been ordered. They are made as orders are taken. He should hear this week when we can expect delivery.

2. Kayaks – Some of the kayaks have been repaired this month. The concern is that members drag them across the cement and the docks when putting them in and taking them out of the water damaging them. Bill noted that another kayak was donated to the club last month by a member. He also said member Dennis Welch’s daughter recently won a kayak in a drawing and she would like to donate it to the Club towards the payment of a one year membership. Larry Cooper made motion we accept the kayak gift for a one year membership. Mary Kay Peters second. All present in favor.

3. Docks – Bill Campbell would like help fixing screws and nails on the wooden docks so they will not damage water equipment, and won’t hurt members. An email blast can be sent to members asking for assistance. He also said it was suggested to him that we rebuild the loading dock. The board discussed setting aside funds for this task.

Grounds: Provided by Warden Larry Cooper:

1. Fence – A member suggested we clean up around the fence line as the vines and trees are growing around them. An email blast can be sent out asking for assistance.

2. Water issue – A member suggested we redo along the building where rain water is leaking into the basement. This will be looked into.

3. Entrance sign – Larry thanked Bruce and Vicki Petersen for painting the posts that are holding up the new entrance sign. They did a wonderful job.

4. Guard Rail – Larry thanked Bill Campbell, Tom Tews, Keith Boehm, Chris White and others who supervised for fixing the parking lot guard rail and straightening the flag pole.

Jay Wilson made motion for the above Warden Reports to be accepted, with Julie Bowen second, and all present in favor.


1. Annual Catfish Tournament Aug 20-21, 2021 – Our application submitted to the DNR has been approved. An email blast has been sent to members by MKP. Larry Cooper and Bill Campbell will get with Paula Woodard to verify the tournament rules, and Paula will have the Rules and Application forms printed up immediately. Another email blast needs to be sent to members when the forms are available.

2. Kids room/ Eagle Scout project – Nich McVay noted that the Boy Scout troop returned on weekend of July 31 & August 6 to continue the project. They asked the board if 1 sheet of plywood and some 2×4’s that are not needed should be returned for a refund. This would bring them in under budget. It was determined the wood should be returned. It was also noted that the boat has been sanded and painted, and the base is partly made. The shelves are up and ready to be painted. The door is still locked for safety reasons until the project is finished.

3. First Aid Station – Jay Wilson hung the new AED machine where the “Comment” box used to hang. It is available for emergencies. Member Matt Calbreath has offered to hold a class to teach members how to use it. Jay Wilson said we would like to hold it on a weekday evening this fall. Member Roland Lynch asked about having the Red Cross hold a first aid class. Matt explained that they would charge about $60.00 per person. He would be willing to provide such a class without formal certification at no charge. If members want to be certified, he can contact the proper people who would charge a fee. This will be discussed again at the next board meeting.

4. “No Swimming” Signs – Two signs have been received and they will be placed on the fishing dock entrance and by the boat ramp dock.

5. Picnic Tables – 5 tables have been received, but the manufacturer did not weld the side brackets on them. They are sending replacements, which should arrive soon. The original ones will be returned.

6. Paddle Boats – Bill Campbell discussed this above in the Warden of Docks and Boats report.

7. Elk Head Nose – Jay Wilson let the concerned member know that he will be contacting a taxidermist to fix the issue.

8. Pot Luck Dinners – The August Monthly Pot Luck Dinner was held. This was the first one held since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Septempber Pot Luck Dinner will not be held as it is the Labor Day weekend. We shall begin again in October. An email blast needs to be sent to members.


1. DNR “Hunting Safety Class Aug 28, 2021 – The DNR is holding a hunting safety class in our upstairs room on Aug 28 from 12:00 – 4:00 PM. MKP has sent out an email blast to all members. It was noted that participants must go to the website and obtain a voucher. It was noted that non-members are able to attend, and that the DNR has noted the event on their website. Another email blast needs to be sent out.

2. Annual Fish Fry, Sept 12, 2021 – This will be held from 5:00 to 6:30 PM. Larry Cooper has donated fish and will supply the fish fryers. He suggested we contact Pat Bowen as he knows a member that donates the oil. 10 gallons of oil is needed. We need to determine if more fish is to be purchased. It was noted that we don’t know how many will attend because of the Covid issue. An email blast needs to be sent to members.

3. Labor Day, Sept 6, 2021 – Want to remind members that because of the heavy traffic at the club on this Holiday, the upstairs will not be available for rental.

4. October 2021 Annual Board Meeting – The annual board meeting will be held October 21, 2021 beginning at 7:00 PM. We would love to have members attend. Paula Woodard noted that any changes members or the board wish to have made to the current Constitution need to be formally presented with a proposal, with their signature, at the September board meeting. Those proposals will then be voted by the board to bring them to the Annual Meeting. Paula Woodard will mail out notices to all members announcing the upcoming meeting and proposals by September 21, 2021.

5. Website – Ed Washa – Gavin Campbell has been making all changes and additions to our website for the club. Due to his school and work schedule, Ed Washa has agreed to take on these duties. Paula Woodard gave her thanks to Ed for taking this task on.

6. Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation-fund raiser donation. – A letter was received from them asking for a 1 Year Membership donation to their foundation fund raiser which will be held September 9, 2021. Larry Cooper made motion for a 1 Year Membership to be donated towards this, Julie Bowen seconded it, and all present in favor.

GOOD OF THE ORDER (Comments from Board Members and visitors):

1. Roland Lynch noted that the stairway coming into the building are more narrow than they used to be. He felt this is hard on older members. Jon Barnes explained that we built the ramp on the east side of the building to accommodate this issue. We would look into this further when the existing ones are worn out.

2. Kitchen Issue – Courtney Merk mentioned that members are bringing in food from other vendors during her open hours, and then using items that the kitchen has paid for, not the club. The board explained that as it is a private club, members are partial owners, so they have the right to eat on the property where they choose. However, the board agreed that Courtney has the right to explain to those members they are welcome to use napkins and silverware for a small fee, or she can refuse the use of those items.

4. Guard Rail – it was suggested that we paint yellow lines on the guard rail showing where different parking spots should be so spaces are not wasted. It was not thought to be necessary at this time.

5. 4th of July Boat Parade – Bill Campbell suggested we hold a boat parade next year, and it was suggested we also look into hosting a hog roast afterwards. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

Adjournment: With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM by Larry Cooper and seconded by Julie Bowen. All present in favor.

Respectfully submitted by: Paula Woodard, Secretary